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South Carolina

South Carolina Progressive Living

Trying to find care, services, and resources for yourself or a loved one can be challenging at times. At South Carolina Progressive Living (SCPL), we strive to make a difference in the lives of our Participants by relieving them of daily challenges they may face while at home. We link our Participants with professional and trustworthy agencies who are ready to assist with daily activities such as bathing, preparing meals, housekeeping and more.


The services are covered at 100% by the Community Long Term Care program within the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS). Eligibility requirements are also determined by SCDHHS. To learn more about the qualification process and how to get started, click here.

Contact Us

331 East Main Street 

Suite 200

Rock Hill, South Carolina

Office: (803) 909-9345

Fax: (803) 636- 2948


Standard Hours

of Operation:

Monday- Friday

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Closed All State and Federal Holidays, see schedule.

Delays or special closings by county, see here.

Quality Care You Can Trust

Case Management Services


Our case managers monitor each service you are receiving regularly to ensure it meets the quality and satisfaction of our agency's standards. Including quarterly visits to the homes of our Participants, and at least one monthly contact via telephone with the Participant or their caregiver. Additionally, we act as a liaison between the Participant and the agencies that we link them to.

Affiliated Waivers


Our case managers monitor the following waivered programs:


  • Community choices


  • Mechanical Ventilator Dependent 

  • Head and Spinal Cord Injury

  • Children's Personal Care and more.

Services We Monitor


SCPL provides an array of case management services including:


  • Personal Care Aids 

    • PCI

    • PCII

  • Attendant Care​

  • ​Companion

  • Adult Day Health Care- ADHC

  • Respite care and more. 


Our statewide case managers are here for you.

South Carolina Progressive Living is a case management agency.  Our agency assists the family and Participant by providing professional and trustworthy case managers, pledging to give the best and most effective services to your loved ones. This means that we manage the services that the program covers, ensures that the services are meeting your expectations, and assist with searching for outside resources when needed.



Our goal is to make a special impact in each of the families that we reach. Each case manager will create individualized Plans Of Care based on the specific physical and mental needs of the participant. This plan also includes the wants, needs, and personal goals of the Participant.


This system strengthens the Participant and their support system with resources geared to enhance their independence while remaining in the comfort of their homes as long as possible. The services are monitored and assessed monthly by their assigned Case Manager to ensure Participant and caregiver satisfaction.


We pride ourselves at the level of excellence we practice and the stability we create. At SCPL, we know that it gets hard, overwhelming, and confusing when searching for programs and resources for the populations we reach, and we want to make it easier for you.  Our goals are based on maximizing independence, dignity, and quality of life for those we work with.


Remember, if you are no longer satisfied with your current Case Management provider, you can choose another one. This is the Freedom of Choice. SCPL will be happy to discuss any questions you may have about your options, and discuss our culture at South Carolina Progressive Living.

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